TomorrowWorld’s Dreamville Camping Tips

History will be made from September 26th to September 30th. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to start preparing for the first ever TOMORROWWORLD!

This 5-day event (if you’re camping) will take place in Georgia in the Chattahoochee Hills, same location as last year’s festival, Counterpoint. Concertgoers will get the privilege of arriving at the grounds Thursday morning, September 26th, a full day before the festival begins, and will get to stay until noon on Monday, September 30th.

Of course with the US’s first installment of TomorrowWorld, Belgium’s TomorrowLand’s Dreamville will be present as well. Dreamville is the community that pops up on the outskirts of the  festival and it is without a doubt a whole new level of festival camping.  TomorrowWorld goes a step beyond most festivals and actually sells tents for your convenience, if you didn’t already bring your own.  Restaurants, showcasing food from all over the world, and stores will be present and campers can purchase special coins that only work at these vendors.

However, camping is still rough, and we here at EDMTunes thought it’d be nice to offer up some tips for those of you that are choosing the camping route!

– On the way to the festival, Google the closest Walmart (and liquor store if also needed). Pack/buy a giant cooler, ice, and your groceries. When buying groceries, figure you’ll be eating breakfast each day and possibly a second afternoon/evening meal. You’ll probably eat one meal a day in the venue.

– Don’t forget to buy/bring basics like a Swiss Army-type knife, sunscreen, hat, Gold Bond (the guys swear by it), hand sanitizer, toilet paper (a roll or two in case the restrooms near your campsite run out), eye drops (in case of dirt, etc. in eyes), baby wipes and other personal essentials.

– Upon parking, immediately set up your tent. It’s not the Hunger Games but the space you stake out is the only space you get for the weekend so claim your territory.

– Make friends with your neighbors. At least the “Hi-what’s your name/where you from” basics. It will serve you well later.

– WEAR SNEAKERS. Seriously, don’t get cute. You’re camping, it’s a long festival, and you’re going to be standing a lot. Anything else will be far less comfortable and your feet will be dirty as sh*t  by the first day.

– Keep your car key on you in a very secure place and/or hide one at the campsite.

– Always carry a festival map and schedule. The lay of the land isn’t hard but you never know once it gets dark.

– Keep eating and drinking. With all the recent festival-related tragedies, this is probably the most important tip we have. Seriously guys, watch out for your and your crew. If you haven’t had any water in awhile, that means neither have your buddies in most cases.

– Since this is a 21+ event, in regards to alcohol: Be nice to your bartenders. Always leave a tip. Try to go to the same bartender as often as possible. They’ll help you out if you help them out.

– There will be cell phone charging stations, but getting service will be difficult due to the location (MIDDLE OF NOWHERE) and all of the people in attendance.  We recommend putting your phone on “airplane mode” to keep the battery charged.  That way you to take as many pictures and videos without the phone dying.

– Shower…and if you don’t feel dirty, I promise it will at least completely refresh you and make you feel ready for another day of craziness.

As always: be safe, be responsible and know that everyone there is ready to make the most of this experience, just like you.

via – TomorrowWorld