TomorrowWorld Seeks to Spread Drug Knowledge Along with Music

As a way to mitigate a large amount of complications due to drug related incidents at European EDM festivals, organizations implement a variety of safety measures that seek to educate concert goers on the risks of taking party drugs while attending these events. While these types of education programs lack in the states. Yet this is starting to change at TomorrowWorld outside of Atlanta on Friday. Keeping close tabs on these large scale events in a way to avoid the types of drug related deaths that have been across the media recently.

Organizations throughout Tomorrowworld are giving tips on drug safety. This seems to be a controversial topic throughout many festivals across the United States, as many expect a flatline zero tolerance policy. These programs spread their knowledge through fliers all the way to public service announcements by the Dj’s.

This is quite a positive message for the EDM community, for it is a way to bridge the gap between the ones who enjoy these festivals and the ones who see EDM as a culture of “Rapists, Drugs Addicts, and Murderers.”

For more information, check out the article by New York Times here