‘Random Access Memories’ Announced Best Selling Vinyl on Amazon UK

Who says vinyl is dead? According to Amazon UK the french electronic duo Daft Punk have topped the list for the Best Selling Vinyl with their latest Random Access Memories. Not only are people purchasing RAM, but they are also purchasing more vinyl in general as sales of vinyl records have doubled since the previous year via Amazon UK. While this medium of listening to music is hardly the first that comes to mind, vinyl is definitely making a small comeback as more people are beginning to appreciate the old school way of listening to music. ERA data indicates that piracy has decreased by a third since last year (perhaps in part due to the accessibility of legal music with programs like Spotify) and sales at independently owned record stores is up by 44%. These trends are good news for the music industry in general, and are especially good for the artists and independent businesses that rely on people getting their music through legal means.

via – Mixmag