Not Taking This No More

The “Not Taking This No More” music video by NERVO and Ivan Gough feat. Beverley Knight was just released. The video begins by showing clips of the NERVO girls, Ivan Gough, and Beverley Knight in Ibiza. The video then shifts to clips of Beverley Knight recording vocals and NERVO and Ivan Gough producing the music. This transitions into live footage of the four performing the song, with NERVO and Ivan Gough spinning the music and Beverley on live vocals. Shots of the huge crowd clapping their hands are shown between scenes of the performers. Steve Aoki and David Guetta even make an appearance. The four are then shown cruising in a boat and then a car throughout Ibiza. The video then flashes to NERVO and Ivan Gough in a jet. Clips of NERVO, Ivan Gough, and Beverley Knight performing at Ushuaia Ibiza are shown. Overall, it is a fun video to watch to see clips of the four making the track, performing the track and the beautiful scenery of Ibiza.