Major Lazer Opens Up About Drug Use And EDM


After playing the Boston Calling Festival this past weekend, members of Major Lazer spoke their minds in an interview with Rolling Stone about the current state of drug use in the festival/rave scene and that the focus of mainstream media has done nothing to help. Unabashedly, Jillionaire highlights the necessity of making drug education much like sex or alcohol education so people are better equipped to make informed decisions.  Diplo goes on to point out that “We’re such a conservative culture that we’d rather not talk about the things kids want to do, even though they’re going to do them anyway,” and that “persecuting a festival is not going to help…”.  This interview emphasizes a step in the right direction as major industry players become more vocal about addressing the problems of drug use with practical applications, rather than shying away from the topic because of its taboo nature. Honest and open discourse is imperative to this culture moving in a healthier, and more sustainable, direction and who better to lead the charge than the artists themselves. Read the full interview here.