E.D.SEA: Insomniac Plans to Take EDC to the Sea?

Back in July, a fan tweeted Pasquale Rotella, CEO of Insomniac, if there would ever be an Insomniac Cruise to which he replied, “Working on it!”. Pasquale wasn’t lying because the notice of allowance for “E.D.Sea” was officially issued on June 4th as a ‘travel, excursion and cruise arrangement” and “arranging, organizing, conducting, and hosting social entertainment events”. Since the inception of Holy Ship!, its success and rise in popularity has caught the attention of well known brands and companies wanting to jump on board to grab a piece of largely uncharted territory. Even Coachella is embarking on the journey this upcoming winter as a music festival on the ocean called S.S. Coachella. It’s only natural for the innovative Rotella to try his hand at this growing concept and much to the delight of those loyal to the Insomniac brand. Now, the question is, how is he going to fit a ferris wheel on a cruise ship? Check out the official filing here and tell us what you guys think about E.D.Sea!

via – Legalforces, DancingAstronaut