Deadmau5 Takes Beamz by Flo Rida out for Coffee

Coffee Run with deadmau5 is back with episode #6 and this special guest comes with a lot of soon-to-be controversy. Beamz by Flo Rida makes a cameo in the shortest installment of the web series and it isn’t even around long enough for chitchat with the outspoken DJ . The “interactive music technology” is thrown from Joel’s Ferrari at the beginning of the video, and then is seen being smashed into pieces by his foot. Of course,  Joel has a cup of coffee in his hand to keep up with the theme of the show.

Mr. Zimmerman has been expressing his disdain for the product on Twitter from the get-go. Beamz reached out to the DJ via Twitter and offered him the chance to try it out. This video, at the very least, shows that Beamz was true to their word and Joel most definitely received one of these things in the mail.

Keep an eye out over the next couple of days for the backlash deadmau5 will surely be receiving for this. However, there’s probably not a single person on the planet who could give less f*cks about negative media backlash.