Chance the Rapper Might Be Headed To OWSLA

chance_the_rapper_owsla Over the past few months, EDM has seen many producers teaming up with hip-hop big whigs in an attempt to create the next new sound. Chance the Rapper is the next up-and-comer in the crosshairs of producers across all genres. His summer mixtape titled “Acid Rap,” has received attention from many hip-hop heavy weights. But recent social media buzz shows that artists such as Boys Noize and Skrillex are trying to get their hands on the young artist as well.

This could mean many Owsla releases of Chance the Rapper’s unique style in the near future. It could also indicate an expansion of Sonny Moore’s vastly popular label; moving into not only bass music, but also hip-hop genres. If Chance the Rapper does sign with Owsla, it could open doors to a plethora collaborations of hip-hop and dance music projects.
The times they are  a-changing in the dance world. Will a cross between Owsla and “Acid Rap” be the next big sound?