Camo & Krooked – Move Around ft. Ian Shaw

You know those days when you wake up feeling like a total badass? You’re in one of those great moods and you feel like you can take on the world and you want to show it off by running up the side of buildings or leaping from one car to another in the middle of moving traffic? No? Well then this music video will be the spark to your stagnated imagination; Camo & Krooked just released a music video for their song “Move Around” ft. Ian Shaw, and it’s pretty much everything I just explained.

Sponsored mostly by – we’re assuming-  Red Bull, the video shows clips of various athletes doing numerous ridiculously awesome maneuvers, from jumping out of a helicopter to riding on top of a plane to biking off of a castle. If you’re feeling down, this video will definitely pick you up, in no large part from the awesome sound track.

The song opens up very majestically, while building up into a groovy drum and bass style track that has a hint of that famous Daft Punk sound that made Discovery so popular. It’s happy energy and fast paced style makes it almost impossible to sit still, and is just more proof that if you don’t know Camo & Krooked by now, you’re sorely missing out.