Avicii Releases Music Video for “You Make Me”

With an imminent album release scheduled for the 17th of this month off of Universal Music, Avicii has added fuel to the anticipation-fire by releasing a music video for “You Make Me.” While the content of the video has no direct correlation to what the music is doing, as is tradition, the visual counter piece gives the song itself a comedic touch.

My favorite part was the fight between the two characters in the movie, which I thought was an obvious allusion to the Matrix. What made it even better is that they are in the middle of a roller-disco! On the opposite side of the coin, I am not sure how I feel about Avicii’s absence in the video. He could have, at the very least, been DJ’ing at this roller disco. He even could have done the go-to Avicii hand pump to get the roller dancers going! What’s your opinion? How would you have included Avicii into this video if you were in charge?