Beatport Is Now Accepting Australian Currency

Beatport is now accepting Australian currency (AU$) on their website. This is good news if you live in Australia and have been previously unable to use their website due to this oversight. Obviously, this is good news for the people at Beatport as well, as they are expanding and reaching a previously untapped market of potential revenue. Considering the wide variety of excellent summer festivals in Australia and the growing electronic dance music community there, it seems quite remiss of Beatport to take this long to accept Australian currency on their website. A quote from Beatport CEO Matthew Adell follows below.

“From accepting local currency, to showcasing local talent and sub-genres, to engaging with our customers and partners in a culturally relevant way, we’re committed to providing exceptional context and convenience to all components of the Australian dance music market. Our goal is to amplify the efforts of local artists while creating a frictionless environment through which our partners can reach both Australian fans and audiences worldwide.”