Words of Wisdom From Kaskade On Vegas, EDM in America and New Mix

All of the complaining regarding the state of EDM and how America is ruining it may have some validity, however,  it is a pessimistic way to look at a scene that promotes love and inclusion. Let’s put on a different lens and try to see it differently.  Still don’t see it? Let’s call in Kaskade for some help. Kaskade has always put out eloquent words of wisdom on his This Is Dynasty Tumblr to inspire and challenge his audience. His most recent post details his choice regarding his Summer Lovin residency at Marquee in Las Vegas. In his post, Kaskade describes why Las Vegas is the “unlikely hero” for EDM and how it has become the mecca for dance music: “Vegas has shifted, and has uncovered what’s next.”  America isn’t ruining dance music. According to Kaskade,  “America is taking it back and giving it a proper home.” So set your pessimism and genre labeling aside, Kaskade gives you permission to call it whatever you like. The only thing that matters is that you enjoy the sound, “let the music speak” and everything will be okay. There, can you see things clearer now? Maybe this Las Vegas Redux mix will help. For best results do what Kaskade says and “Close your eyes and press your eyelids with your fingertips until you see colors flashing. You’re almost there.”

Read Kaskade’s post here.