Ultra Music Festival Announces Payment Plan Options

Ultra Music Festival celebrated their 15th anniversary this year with a two weekend expansion of their flagship event in Miami, as well as expanding into Europe with Ultra Croatia. It has been one mighty year for them and their festival circuit. Now with UMF 2013 behind us, we set our sights to Ultra Miami 2014. Yes, it is still a ways away, but tickets are already available and early bird tickets sold out in a matter of minutes back in the spring. Upon the announcement of ticket sales, fans were met with a little bit of a shock when they saw the sticker price for a general admission ticket to Ultra 2014: $499. This is almost twice the amount of what a GA ticket for 2013. Many fans have turned their backs on UMF, as they cannot afford the steep ticket price for fear of breaking the bank. However, Ultra has just released payment plan options in response to complaints from their fans.

Here is how it works. There are a limited amount of tickets with the payment plan option, so it is first come first serve.There are a total of five installments of $98.95. Upon purchasing the ticket you have until October 15th to make your payment on the first installment.

Here is the installment schedule:

1st installment: Anytime before October 15th

2nd installment: October 15th

3rd installment: November 15th

4th installment: December 15th

5th installment: January 15th

The payment plan initiative is and attempt to allow festival goers to purchase a ticket to UMF 2014 without emptying out their wallets and so that more of us may be able to experience the promised “new level” and “new experience” of UMF. Ultra claims that UMF 2014 will be ‘The most impressive and enjoyable experience yet!’ Hopefully this payment plan will help all you Ultranauts out there attend the 2014 festival!

With 2013’s festivals turning up production value (as seen with this year’s EDC and Tomorrrowland) UMF has some big shoes to fill to justify their steep ticket price….oh and this ‘new experience’ better include free drinks.