Tritonal – Metamorphic II Album
Genre: Trance / Label: Enhanced Recordings  /Released Date: September 23rd

After the release of the duo’s EP Metamorphic I, Tritonal is back at it again giving us a preview of Metamorphic II. The Texas duo, Tritonal, is made up of Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros. This will be the second EP release of the Metamorphic trilogy. Metamorphic II will feature three new tracks, including: “Follow Me Home” feat. Underdown, “Now Or Never” feat. Phoebe Ryan, and “Electric Glow” feat. Skyler Stonestreet. Small previews of each of the new tracks can be heard in the video below. Each track seems to feature incredible vocals, along with Tritonal’s well-liked style. The small snippets of each track will have you begging for the full release, which happens to be September 23rd through Enhanced Recordings. Give the new track previews a listen below and let us know if you are excited for Metamorphic II!