Steve Aoki Launches Cake 80 Feet & Hits A Kid In A Wheelchair

Lob enough cakes in the air, and you’re more than likely going to hit the wrong person one day. It seems like this time may have finally come for Steve Aoki over the weekend. A video has been obtained from his performance in Toronto that shows him launching a cake from the stage 80 feet and it landing square in the face of a young gentleman in a wheelchair. There’s a few ways to look at this. One, Aoki may have a future in the NFL. If he can toss a cake that far, imagine what he can do with a football. Two, it may be a sign from above that he needs to put away the cakes and focus on other aspects of his performance. Or, three, he may have made this kid’s day. When seeing a Steve Aoki live performance, you’re pretty much signing a waiver to be caked. For all we know, it was this gentleman’s dream to be hit in the face by an Aoki tossed cake. Before the caking, the legendary guy in the wheelchair got some crowd surfing in. Aoki showed some love via Twitter after the show. He tweeted, “This dude is a fucking legend! Crowd surfing to getting caked!! Love u man!”

Check out the video of the caking below and let us know your reactions