Free Download: Jantsen & Dirt Monkey – Too Darn Hot

With current trends in EDM, dubstep is starting to become a genre that’s receiving less and less attention and has some skeptics saying that it’s officially a dead genre or very close to finished. This bit of news won’t be discussing that but if you’re a fan of the wubby 140 music, I think you’ll enjoy this free track by Jantsen and Dirt Monkey, that is without a doubt a well made and pretty creative track. The beginning utilizes 808 snare cadences and bass lines with a few different samples frequently heard in trap. The song then goes into a short vocal section of an old popular jazz recording (“too Darn Hot”, made popular by Ella Fitzgerald in 1958) that then bridges into a build and drop that’s quite grimey and bass filled to satisfy most bass heads’ cravings. Being a fan of dubstep myself, I happily downloaded the foot-tapping head bobbing tune and if you’re fan yourself I don’t think you’ll regret it. Listen and download below!!