ELECTRONIC, The Dance Music Magazine: Bringing music back to T.V.

You’ve read about it. You’ve heard about it. Now it’s time to see about it. Originating from their magazine publishing roots, Electronic Dance Magazine has broken through the dance music industry and expanded their reach to television. Electronic has teamed up with OneBeat, a media company with high expertise in EDM programming on television, to allow viewers to view exclusive artist profiles on Music Choice through Video On Demand to present to you: Electric Summer. Music Choice is the Video On-Demand Network and televisions’ one stop shop for everything revolving around music.

Music Choice, OneBeat and Electronic have teamed up to provide rich content for fans of all genres, but they will need your help as they attempt to establish an EDM-only television channel to cater to EDM fans and to push the community in the right direction. Now through August 14th, we urge all fans to watch the programming in order to boost the analytical scores to solidify their goal of giving their viewers FREE television content.

Here’s what River Davis, Live Music Media Director of Operations & Editor-in-Chief had to say about their goals:

“We are pushing the industry in the best direction, and we are doing this through the publication of only the best content within Electronic Music. We have grown with this industry, and now we want it to grow with us. We have loved the industry as it has loved us; we are actively pursuing the betterment of the dance music industry and the music industry as a whole. This deal with Music Choice and OneBeat is a perfect step in the right direction, for all of us involved in Dance Music.”

To find out how to watch Music Choice in your area, log on to www.musicchoice.com, or check out www.Facebook.com/MusicChoice. If you have Music Choice On-Demand simply follow this simple selection path: On-Demand -> Music Choice On-Demand -> EDM -> Artist Profiles -> Electronic. (Block 1, 2, & 3).

Head on over and take a look at what you’ve been missing out on and stay tuned as EDMTunes will be working closely with Electronic Dance Magazine to provide you, the readers, with only the best content that EDM has to offer.