Diplo Plans To Set A World Record for “Biggest Twerk Wall” at Electric Zoo

Only Diplo would announce that he will be setting a world record for “Biggest Twerk Wall.” He intends to break the record at this year’s Electric Zoo Festival in New York on Sept 1st. Diplo reached out via twitter to page all “badunkadunks around the world” for a chance to express themselves in what will be a 50-butt strong, on-stage twerk wall. There is no doubt this will happen, and I’m sure there will be a lot more than 50 booties bouncing on stage.


If you’re planning on attending to Electric Zoo this year and want to be a part of twerking history, be sure to email twerk4diplo@gmail.com with a video to prove your skills. And of course, you have to be 18+ to make it onstage. Hey, maybe Miley will make a guest appearance. May the twerkiest booty prevail.