The Book of Wisdom Chapter 2: From Belgium to Chattahoochee Hills

Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is mystery. Today’s gift is something special from the wizards of Tomorrowworld:’The Book of Wisdom Chapter 2: From Belgium to Chattahoochee Hills’. For the first time ever, the world of magic will open it’s chapter in the mythical hills of Chattahoochee, and the United States will for three days be the epicenter of wonderment and mystery. It took over 5000 miles and 80 shipping containers for the second chapter to become a reality, and in one month it will officially be one for the books. Tomorrowland 2013 was beyond anyone’s imagination, so for most Americans who couldn’t make it across the pond and have only seen second of third hand, the tradition will carry on. This weekend guarantees to be one of epic proportions, one straight out of the imagination of H. P. Lovecraft and Lewis Carroll’s love child. If you’re still not convinced, let the video’s imagery and beauty hypnotize you into buying tickets before they’re sold out and the dream is out of reach.