Selena Gomez to Release “Baby Dubstep” Album in One Week

Pop Princess Lays Her Eyes on the EDM Market

So, apparently, if the current style of pop music and dubstep were to consummate, what Selena Gomez calls “baby dubstep” would be produced. Selena Gomez will be releasing her new EDM based album, Stars Dance, on July 24. She had previously described the album as having a heavy Skrillex influence (of course toned down). She showed it off at a listening party on Monday. Teasers of 11 tracks were released shortly after and curiosity struck me having heard how she described the album. Before I discuss my opinion of the work, I’ll say that the EDM influence does truly exist in this album. Whatever “baby dubstep” is, it paints a strangely accurate picture of this album to a small degree. When I say this, I’m referring to the court of public opinion of what EDM and dubstep is right now. Basically, you can hear the Skrillex in it. Personally, when I think dubstep, thumping tunes from UK artist’s Caspa and Doctor P come to mind. Whatever genre you want to call it, Selena’s team knows how to market. Sex, EDM, and the catchy aspects of today’s top 40 tracks are all great individual ways to make money…okay that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean. Combine all three and you’re sure to be a hit.

Step one: transition from Disney Channel to the sexual nature of her most recent movie Spring Breakers, step 2: wobbly synths, step 3: easy to remember female vocals, and step 4: profit. It’s a formula that both Selena Gomez and I believe will work. I may not love the album, you may not love the album, critics will probably hate the album, but people will buy it. In a world where Paris Hilton has an Ibiza residence, the potential success of this album should not be doubted. The content of the vocals is astonishingly bad in my eyes, but people like me are not the target audience. I will say, however, that her voice itself is not bad. I feel like if you gave her someone who could write and someone who could produce better beats, some type of mediocre EDM could come out of it. Afrojack seems like a logical choice considering he gave up any sense of respect he had in the industry with his production of Paris Hilton’s album and his future collaboration with Nick Cannon (can’t wait!).

If this album teaches us anything, it’s to not be surprised by any future so called “celebrity” jumping into the EDM game. Maybe there’s a bubble, maybe there’s not, but it doesn’t look to be bursting anytime soon. This is the industry that is growing faster than any other. As an artist, if you want to make money and make money now, EDM is the path to success. When you listen below, hate on the quality all you want, but understand the marketing behind it is brilliant.

Teaser “Save The Day” (1 of 11 tracks on album)