One of the best parts of massive festivals with streaming sets is the explosion of new, upcoming and unreleased tracks. Avicii clearly knows this, as his Saturday set was peppered with goodies. One of these goodies, apparently entitled “Liar, Liar” and supposedly known as Tim’s “Marquee ID” was epically dropped on the masses of Tomorrowland. The track kicks off with a slower musical progression built up by Joakim Berg’s relaxed vocals. Incorporating an almost-folk guitar line accompanied by a piano for the intro, you think that the energy is going to stay chilled. However Avicii unexpectedly drops some outrageously crazy bounce-inducing up-and-down synths supported by quite the driving bass line which propels you until the end of the preview. Gotta love being lulled into that false sense of security and then having your face melted off! I am absolutely looking forward to this official release, and I’m sure you will be too.