Laidback Luke: The Ass-Kicking Kung Fu Champion


Remember in the movie Fight Club where imaginary Tyler Durden asks real Tyler Durden, “If you could fight anyone, who would you fight?”  If you get asked the same question, your answer should not be Laidback Luke (not that you would ever want to fight this nice guy).  Turns out, the beloved DJ and producer is a jack of all trades.  Not only is he a skilled artist in demolishing dance floors, he is a Kung Fu Champion.  He won 4 gold medals and a silver medal in the World Championships of Kung Fu in Hong Kong back in April. According to his interview with the Huffington Post, Laidback Luke’s martial arts hobby started as a child, and recently came back in to his life as a means to stay grounded and to maintain his health in preparation of touring.  My respect levels for the humble superstar are even higher because it takes an immense amount of dedication, diligent work ethic, and passion to excel at both crafts. Laidback Luke has certainly proven he’s got all of the above.  Check him out training below!  And, while we’re at it, if you could fight any DJ, who would you fight?