Preview: Krewella – Ring of Fire

Dear Krewella,

Once again an unreleased track has popped up, presumably from your new album, and once again fans are on the edge of their seat BEGGING for you to just release it. Possibly titled ‘Ring of Fire’ it joins a slew of tracks you have been dropping all summer that include collabs with Pegboard Nerds, Headhunterz, Nicky Romero and Gareth Emery.Who ever emotionally scarred you girls to the point of this amazing poetry is beyond me, but I digress. The song rides beautiful vocals into a build-up and intense drop that only the likes of Krewella could bring out. This song guarantees to be a staple on the dance floor and get fans wet as soon as you release the album and joins a number of already amazing songs off of it. Personally I can’t wait to hear this track when it’s released and I hope your Electric Zoo set is filled with new tracks. But until then, for the love of all that is holy, can you guys PLEASE drop this album, or at least a date? Although not globally nerve-racking, the suspense is Metalocalypse-esque and truly unbearable.

Love, everyone at EDMTunes and all over the EDM Community.