Avicii – Wake Me Up
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During what turned out to be a contraversial show, Avicii exposed us to a new style of sound during his Ultra weekend 2 performance. Instead of the expected signature Avicii sounds of catchy melodies and bright synth lines, the young Swede threw a curve ball. It was a show of folk infused house. Showcasing the versatility of electronic music the Swedish producer combined some of his familiar sounds with some of the best artists the genre of folk has to offer. Wake Me Up was one of the stand out tracks. It features the lyrical skill and vocals of Aloe Blacc. Perhaps the live set version turned you off, but all expectations aside have another listen, I believe it to be an innovative and catchy track. Yes it may not sound like Avicii, but listen closely and you will here his dance melodies with the bright synths, they are just skillfully paired with folk guitar rifts and vocals.