Los Angeles’ New EDM-Mayor Eric Garcetti: A Rave Return to the L.A. Coliseum

Eric Garcetti Rave LA Coliseum EDM Mayor

Which will be the first rave back inside the L.A. Memorial Coliseum??

Massive news for all those in Southern California, EDC fanatics…or just ravers in general! We have our first hero in power: future mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti. Mr. Garcetti was posed the question on Reddit’s AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) last night: “Would he allow music festivals to happen in LA again, especially at the coliseum. Huge festivals like electric daisy carnival bring in a huge inflow of cash to the city and surrounding neighborhoods…” Eric responded to the question in no uncertain or waffling terms, “YES! I want some signature festivals here in LA, the music capital of the world. If you like electronic music, then L.A. is where the DJ scene is at.” Loaded, extremely concrete words coming from the future incumbent. However if you follow the future mayor at all, his statement doesn’t come as a surprise. Eric previously held a fundraiser at a massive club (Avalon Hollywood) with Steve Aoki himself DJ’ing the event. How progressive can you get? Yes, electronic music family…we have our new champion in the political world: EDMayor Eric Garcetti.

Rukes Electric Daisy Carnival EDC 2010

What a breath of fresh air this is to those who have faced early shutdowns of electronic music events in the SoCal area as of late, and especially after EDC’s 10-year run in L.A. ended after the unfortunate illegal entry and death on the premises of an underage girl which forced EDC’s departure from the City of Angels. Then the city watched the festivals’ epic explosion to a 3-day celebration in 2011 along with its relocation to Las Vegas Motor Speedway via a 10-year contract. After missing out on that massive moneymaker (speaking from a political point of view, of course…clearly Eric understands the genre and what it is about, unlike some media personalities *cough*Wendy Williams*cough*), it makes you wonder what kind of massive raves Eric has in mind for the Coliseum’s “signature festivals” in the near future!

Whats your bet on the first rave to hit the Coliseum next?!