Kaskade Premieres ‘Atmosphere’ Music Video

Remember about a month ago when Kaskade asked his fans to come help make a music video? Well the final product premiered and it is a wonderful visual accompaniment to Kaskade’s chart topping single Atmosphere. As one of the few hundred lucky people who got to participate in the making of the video, I had no idea how it was going to turn out as the directors ordered us to stand, move and cut. Shooting a music video is hard work, especially in a hot warehouse in the middle of Los Angeles with a few hundred people. The final product is a creative video portraying the playfulness and love of the fans as well as Kaskade’s passion for his music. This video really gives you the idea that Atmosphere is really something personal for Kaskade and that he is humbled by the experiences throughout his career. It’s quite an epic when Kaskade materializes out of the top of ‘Club Foto’ and dives into the crowd for some good old crowd surfing.