Live Nation and Insomniac Announce a Partnership

Earlier today in a personal announcement on the Insomniac website, Pasquale Rotella announced a partnership between Insomniac and Live Nation Entertainment. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that Insomniac Events is the company behind the Electric Daisy Carnival; their flagship event, EDC Vegas, is set to take place this weekend. Much different from the rumors that surfaced last month regarding Live Nation Entertainment purchasing 50% of Insomniac (which proved to be false), this is merely a partnership that will hopefully bring the events of Insomniac to a wider, more gobal, audience.

I am pleased to announce that Insomniac and Live Nation have formed a creative partnership that will take our events to the next level. I made this choice with my heart to expand our dreams. Live Nation and their team truly respect and understand what we do and why we do it. Together we will preserve and grow the spirit of our events and our culture. This was not a decision that was based on who offered the most money, but who is the best partner.

The main takeaway from this news is that not only will Insomniac events have access to Live Nation’s vast array of venues and resources, but also that we, the fans, will not be subject to using Ticketmaster or any other Live Nation framework when we purchase tickets for these events. Furthermore, Insomniac simply has access to Live Nation venues, they are not forced to use them exclusively!  In fact, Pasquale stressed that him and the rest of the Insomniac team will retain full creative control of all events. This is good news for everyone, from the fans to the headliners who have existing relationships with Insomniac.

The Insomniac team, lead by myself, will maintain complete creative control of all events, just as we always have, only now we will all enjoy access to a much larger and diverse variety of venues and resources. Our ticket prices will continue to be fair and reasonable given the experience we provide and we will continue to surprise you and deliver more than we advertise. Your joy, your comfort, and your safety will always be our top priority. I, and everyone at Insomniac, will continue to listen to you, communicate with you, and celebrate with you. Our headliners are the most important people in our world and the music and sense of community that brings us together will not change; we want you to be inspired every single time you attend one of our events.

Most importantly:

Does this compromise the soul or integrity of Insomniac?

We are still a stand-alone company. We are excited and proud of our partnership with Live Nation – they are the largest live entertainment company in the world. When combined with our creativity, imagine the possibilities. Insomniac is a group of artists, builders and visionaries and we will continue to be just that. We consist of people who love dance music and come from dance culture. We are fans first, and we always will be.

On its face, this is great news. Insomniac will retain control of its amazing events, while at the same time gaining the clout, influence, and resources of Live Nation Entertainment. One can only hope that this will lead to a flowering of electronic music events in the U.S.A and also around the world.

P.S: Pasquale is the man.

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