Borgore – Legend (Borgore & Carnage Remix)

As of recent Borgore’s been holding off on the dubstep releases and these two tracks are no exception being released for listening over his soundcloud today! The first track and original mix, “Legend” has been being played by the Israeli producer for a few months now at big events such as Ultra Miami and EDC Chicago. The original mix starts out with some classic party hard, live fast rap lyrics sang by Borgore leading into a pretty decent drop. Definitely not my favorite work by Borgore, but the original says absolutely NOTHING about the remix he did with trap producer, Carnage!

The remix is much different from the original and I would think more universally appealing, considering it almost completely casts the idea of a single genre song to the wind. The song begins with a danceable 128 tempo with a build that has big bright chords as if it’s a big-room progressive house tune, leading into a drop that bangs and is very staccato; something you’d typically hear in an electro track. After the short midsection and another progressive house build, the well crafted remix comes to the second drop that possesses that 808 drum-Trap cadence that’s become so popular on the scene. Being a big fan of Borgore (and most recently Carnage after seeing him absolutely shut down Sunset Music Festival in Tampa) I can safely say I’m enjoying the remix way more than the original, but you be your own judge! Give both tracks a listen below!