Martin Solveig Jokingly Responds Saying He’ll “Woop Wolfgang Gartner’s Ass”

You all probably know by now about Wolfgang Gartner unleashing a twitter rant regarding “lazy ass” DJs playing the most mainstream of music. The rant was, of course, directed at Martin Solveig. Solveig responded with his own feelings on twitter. Today, he decided go beyond the 140 characters allotted and respond with his mouth. When asked by MTV News earlier what he would do when they were in the same lineup again, Solveig had this to say, “Meet up and kick his ass.” He laughed and added that he just “didn’t like the idea of being called out without being mentioned [by name].”

“I play the same gigs, get the same money, same slots, and I don’t play any of those tracks,” Gartner wrote last week. Solveig had a logical response that seemed to only fuel the fire. Solveig called himself “a crowd-pleaser” who tries to deliver for fans that come to enjoy themselves and celebrate. He deliberately chooses to “leave experimentation to real underground acts.”

“On that specific show, I was the headliner, the main act, the closing act. I was playing solo at the time of the festival — the only stage open — and I was like the ambassador of that music,” is what Solveig told MTV News.

Major EDM festivals try to capture “a different crowd and a different story,” Solveig argued. At places like Coachella, Ultra, and Tomorrowland it is more comfortable to push the envelope. The producer explained that EDM is going to continue evolving and there’s a right and wrong place to experiment with new ideas.

Not much of this seems to refute what Gartner said, Solveig didn’t disagree. “Not about the laziness, though — that’s very, very wrong. Someone who calls me lazy doesn’t know anything about me, that’s for sure.”