THUMP Youtube Delivers the Best Behind the Scenes of Electronic Dance Music

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Most of us hardly know what really goes on behind stage, behind what seems to be an endless wall of LED screens and fiery pyrotechnic productions. Devoting itself to electronic dance music, from massive festival stages to underground warehouse raves, THUMP aims to capture every moment of the global dance music movement:the music, the artists, the fans, the experience. Videos from the most electrifying events around the globe, to weekly music video premieres, mixes from the most forwardthinking DJs, THUMP offers an unseen backstage view which accurately portrays the unseen truth behind electronic music.

THUMP staff bring you behind the scenes footage, documentaries, and original documentaries featuring some of your favorite artists, producers and DJ’s including DadaLife, Bingo Players, Above and Beyond, Pretty Lights, Tommy Trash, Clockwork, Kill The Noise and more, while empowering artists to create and develop new projects for a rapidly growing audience.

“VICE is known for telling stories that matter to young people,”
said Andrew Creighton, President, VICE. “Now, with our friends
at Recreation Worldwide, we’ve created THUMP to tell stories that
matter for fans of electronic music, through the best video content
on the scene. So just stay awake – STAY AWAKE! – and enjoy.”