A Peek Down the Rabbit Hole with Markus Schulz at Club Space [Miami Music Week 3.17.13]

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Apart from the hundreds of dance-floor-blazing tunes that come to mind when the name Markus Schulz is brought up, there’s another thing he is infamously well known for. A resident of Miami, Markus Schulz is one of the best at what he does, something he takes part in every once in a blue moon, Markus Schulz does marathons. Before you picture our beloved 2012 America’s #1 DJ in short shorts with a pair of Nike Free Run’s on, shift your mindset into a more musical approach. Markus Schulz played a whopping 12.5 hours at Avalon Hollywood for New Year’s Eve of 2013, is scheduled to play an OPEN-CLOSE set at Tomorrowland Festival, and will be partaking in a special marathon set for us Winter Music Conference/Miami Music Week/Ultra Music Festival go-er’s. You heard me right.. With a whopping attendance of over 2,000,000 visitors from 206 countries.. there’s no better time to experience a marathon set with Markus Schulz.

What can you expect from a marathon set w/ Markus Schulz?

As one of the DJ’s that refuses to sell out to trends.. he knows exactly how to structure a set properly. Well known for his 6-8+ hour sets, he starts off super slow for the first hour or so, includes all the well-known tracks & songs you expect to hear in the middle, then really starts to bring out something different in the closing hours. The closing hours are usually the most discussed over the internet, where Markus shows no signs of fatigue, and plays deep and trippy tunes.This is what we call “The Rabbit Hole“. In a nutshell, be prepared to embark on an incredible euphoric & emotional journey with Markus Schulz.

EDMtunes really hopes to see you there at Club Space. Below are some details so you can sort out your trip to venture down the rabbit hole during your time in Miami. Shortly after this event, we will update this page with an exclusive interview with the unicorn slayer himself.

  • Date: Sunday, March 17th, 2013
  • Location: Terrace @ Club Space (34 NE 11th Street, Miami FL)
  • Doors Open: 10:00PM to 2:00PM
  • 21+ General Admission Tickets