Preview: Dash Berlin – Fool For Life ft. Chris Madin (Tomas Heredia Remix) [Aropa Records]

Dash Berlin – Fool For Life ft. Chris Madin (Tomas Heredia Remix)
Genre: Trance – Label: Aropa Records – Release Date: 25 February 2013

Only a few days ago, Dash shared an exclusive Soundcloud preview of his first single of the year, “Fool For Life feat. Chris Madin,” with all of his loyal fans. It can be listened to HERE. This track has already stolen a place deep inside my heart. Dash’s version features his signature, calmed & melodic chorus filled with up-lifting vocals from his recent discovery, Chris Madin. Chris was first featured in Dash’s hit single, “Silence In Your Heart.” Dash said it to be a “4 AM sound” that would spark new energy in late-night party goers. His version does exactly that; having an undiscovered energy within that is sure to excite the crowd, no matter how fatigued they may be. As an official ASOT 600 preview, Dash has released the first (of many I assume) remix of “Fool For Life,” by Tomas Heredia. Tomas’s version gives this track a lighter spin, full of bliss and vitality. I see Dash’s version as the “spark.” This is because I see Heredia’s version as the “fire.”

As a night full of dancing and rejoice comes to an end, I can envision the sun rising over the horizon. Everyone in the crowd lifts their hands to the sky as they sing, “…if only fooled, fooled to satisfy… take my sanity away!”  As the buildup transpires, the sun peeks over the horizon. When the drop hits, the crowd jumps with the energy they’d initially arrived with, as the sun’s rays hit their joy-filled smiles…

I hope you enjoy this remix, as well as the original, as much as I have!