Tritonal’s ‘Air Up There’ Radio Broadcast Concludes with 100th Episode


This Saturday, December 8th, 2012 marks a huge milestone for Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros of popular Trance duo Tritonal. Where else to celebrate their accomplishment of 100 episodes of ‘Air Up There’ but in their own hometown of Austin, Texas. Tritonian’s all over the world who are unable to make it to their performance in Austin can enjoy the luxury of listening to their set from home, as it will be broadcasted live on SiriusXM. Playing alongside Tritonal in Austin, you can expect to hear the trademark euphonic sessions sounds from the experienced duo, Kyau & Albert. If you’re familiar with tracks from their album “Piercing The Quiet”, the name Cristina Soto should ring a bell. For an extremely unique experience, the multi-genre singer-songwriter Cristina Soto will be performing LIVE alongside Dave & Chad. Tickets for this event are available for purchase HERE.

Every end is a new beginning.. which can explain Tritonal’s difficult decision to conclude ‘Air Up There’ with their 100th episode. After four years of ‘Air Up There’, Tritonal has announced that they will in fact have a new radio show in 2013 entitled “Tritonia”. ‘Air Up There’ was originally centered around their record label Air Up There Recordings, but have decided to create “Tritonia” in order to center their podcast around their fan base aka the Tritonians.

“After 100 flights of Air Up There, we can think of no better way to end the show than with a live broadcast during our homecoming gig in Austin,” says Chad Cisneros, one half of Tritonal. “This will be a truly monumental occasion and we’re looking forward to sharing it with fans, family and friends in our very own city.”

“Although it will no longer be called Air Up There, fans should be reassured that we are still going to produce the same high quality show with the latest and greatest tracks in trance, progressive, house and electro in 2013,” says Tritonal’s Dave Reed.

What do you make of this #trancefamily? Are you ready for ‘Tritonia’?

Picture by Edwin Yip of Abyssal Photography