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EDMTunes prides itself on being an electronic dance music website that consistently provides its readers with the finest records and breaking news on the scene. Our writers are experts in the music industry and actively seek out the next generation of producers that will lead the electronic movement. With the ever-growing base of producers out there, we have decided to make our services available to each and every one of you who is hoping to give their music greater exposure.

With a $27 donation, we guarantee that your music will be listened to and critiqued in our office with keen ears. Although we cannot promise that we will be able to support your submission on our site and/or our multiple Soundcloud accounts, we can certainly guarantee that you will receive honest feedback to improve your skills and hone in on your craft. If we believe that your track submission is of excellent quality, we may go as far as reposting the track on our Soundcloud accounts, re-uploading on our main channels and providing a blog post on

We have done wonders for many up and coming artists and we want to continue to help spread great music across the world. Our Facebook official page has an immense fanbase of over 745,000 fans, our website is visited millions of times a month by users from all around the globe, and our Soundcloud has a rich following that totals over 2,100,000:
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If you believe that your music has what it takes to be exposed to our millions of followers ranging from record labels to talent agencies to headlining DJs and producers, then $27 would be a minuscule amount to pay.

Examples of some successful tracks that we’ve taken to the next level:

Slander – Marcus Mouya & Sebastian Ivarsson – Scissors – Sebastian Knight – Sep – CombustiblesDave Mak & Damn Dan – Visionaire – Rush West – TK-47 Sikdope – Pier Poropat – Gryffin – Aero Chord – Paris Blohm – Codeko – Dark Mada – Andrew Luce – Skrux – 


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