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Editorial: Expect TSA Patdowns at Your Next Music Festival

News of possible TSA expansion to the realm of music festivals made the blog rounds this past week. The VIPR teams of the TSA...

Diplo Takes a Swing at Flo Rida for Ripping his Video (updated with Flo...

If we took a poll on the worst thing that's happened to EDM, Flo Rida would have a strong case for the top spot....

What Wendy Williams Thinks About Raves and Ravers

For those of you who aren't familiar with Wendy Williams, she's a former radio personality turned daytime talk show host.  Most of the show...

A-Trak Takes a Shot at the Drug Culture

This morning DJ & Producer A-Trak's article entitled 'License to Pill' was released in Huffington Post's entertainment section. It immediately caught my attention. As...
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