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Daft Punk Took Their Helmets Off For Alive 1997 Stream On Twitch

A majority of us might have missed the Daft Punk maskless concert on Twitch yesterday. But maybe you did catch it, so...

That Daft Punk “Leak” Was Confirmed as Fake

Sorry guys, but it looks like, once again, we were fooled. This week we received news "confirming" Daft Punk's new album. The...

Mysterious Soundcloud Upload Triggers Daft Punk Hype

This white whale might be even more far fetched than the daily Swedish House Mafia rumors, or is it? Doesn't it seem a bit...

16-Piece Orchestra Performs Daft Punk In London!

It's rare nowadays to hear anything about Daft Punk. So when news comes out about anything concerning the two famous robots, word spreads fast. From...

Fan Discovers Daft Punk’s Official Store is Closing

Well, this can’t be a good sign… After a hopeful fan took to social media to check the status of Daft Punk‘s official store, the...

Fan Made Video Revives Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 Concert

Daft Punk. How could anyone not know their name?! They're known as one of dance music's most successful acts and the duo reached a huge...

Daft Punk’s ‘Homework’ Turns 20 Today

Where does the time even go? Today marks a special event in electronic music history because Daft Punk released their hit album Homework 20 years...

UPDATED: Another Daft Punk Alive 2017 Rumor Has Surfaced

Updated: Reddit has come to the conclusion this is indeed a fake, and the locations listed were just the locations of the Alive 2007...
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Lollapalooza Seemingly Confirms Daft Punk Rumors

Hold on to your seats because those Daft Punk rumors might finally be coming true. Since rumors swirled around Ultra 2014, fans have speculated which...

Potential Leaked Lollapalooza Chile Lineup Features Daft Punk As Headliners

This has been quite the busy 24 hours for Daft Punk fans. Earlier, the French duo's collaboration with The Weeknd dropped and it has...
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