Opiuo And Ashez Bring Out Melodic Bass EP, ‘Underground’

On June 21st, the team of Opiuo and Ashez dropped their collaborative EP, Underground, and this EP is perfect for anyone who loves fantastic bass with great sprinkles of powerful melodies. On May 31st, the duo released the title track and its intricate grooves ensured that the listener would jam on with genuine joy on their faces. The Underground EP has four tracks, including the title track of course, and it shows the innovative musical styles of both artists who crafted this EP into a memorable piece of Melodic Bass that will be on many people’s playlists. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to stream the new Underground EP from Opiuo and Ashez, which definitely elevates the Bass genre to another level of euphoric artistry with its inclusion of vibrant soundscapes.

The Underground EP Brings Out Tracks That Allow Fans To Jam Out While Embracing Each Beat At The Same Time

The title track has bass lines that flow seamlessly alongside the melodic leads, which allows the EP to start off with a phenomenal bang. Up next is ‘Bobby Dazzler’, a track that is a groovy Dance anthem with an addictive four-on-the-floor drum pattern and intriguing Bass beats. ‘Ricochet’ brings out mysterious yet invigorating Bass melodies to bring out dynamism for the listeners to physically and emotionally feel at the same time. Finally, ‘My Love’ exudes sentimental feelings and also, a cosmic journey of musical emotions. The EP definitely shows why the duo from Australia and New Zealand respectively are on their way to becoming global Bass stars with their one-of-their-kind musical production skills.