Mayan Warrior Announce New Art Car For Halloween Event in LA

The Mayan Warrior team have announced a new car concept, ‘Mayan Warrior Galaxyer’, which will participate in their Halloween event in Los Angeles. The event will take place on October 26th and its organizers are “Stranger Than”, an exciting indie event collective that is also from Los Angeles and also one of the Mayan Warrior’s long-time partners. Additionally, the Halloween event will be the first off-playa appearance of the ‘Mayan Warrior Galaxyer’ since it debuted at the most recent Burning Man. Since the original art car’s tragic demise last year, the Mayan Warrior team have continued amplifying its resilience and dedication to ensuring that the new car concept retains the original spirit.

Original Mayan Warrior Art Car
Original Mayan Warrior Art Car / Photo Credit: Nicholas Hess

‘Mayan Warrior Galaxyer’ and its innovative designs

The new art car beautifully blends ultra-modern technological aesthetics with ancient, traditional artistry. This innovative art car has designs that resembled a Mayan spaceship and an altar stage, which the team has promoted for its previous art car throughout the many years. The ‘Mayan Warrior Galaxyer’ also provides the fans to experience and feel the emotions of the Mayan Warrior itself as it moves through space, time, and cosmos. Additionally, this art car’s founder, Pablo Gonzalez Vargas, cooperated alongside Alvaro Manzo for the conceptual design, Paolo Montiel on the lasers and lighting systems, and Daniel Coello for the industrial design and build.

When to see the new art car

Tickets for the LA Halloween event will go on sale on July 10th at 12 p.m. PST. Furthermore, the additional Mayan Warrior dates for Miami and Tulum will come out soon later this year.