Le Youth Releases New Single ‘every-little-part’

Renowned artist Le Youth, a regular feature at EDMTunes, has just dropped his latest single ‘every-little-part’ as part of his new series “Le Youth &”. This exciting release, available now on This Never Happened, marks Wes’ first collaboration with the up-and-coming talent, Otherwish.


The track begins with vocals performed by the talented LeyeT. Recognized for her work with Le Youth on ‘Feel Around You’ and ‘Hologram’, this track is a must-listen. LeyeT’s vocals convey the emotions behind lyrics that seem to express love for a partner who fails to appreciate it. The vocals are complemented by Le Youth’s smooth house production, with Otherwish’s unique musical contributions becoming evident at the 1 minute 20-second mark. The song features memorable hooks and uplifting melodies, taking listeners on an emotional journey. This release showcases the individual strengths of all three artists, making it a standout track in their discographies.

“Le Youth &” Series

Wes took to instagram to share his new series a week before this beautiful release. What we know so far of the “Le Youth &” Series is that Wes will be collaborating with incredibly talented artists who might not be on our radar yet. Does that mean it will be upcoming TNH artists or other rising stars from different labels? Time will tell. Le Youth mentions some of his favourite songs to listen to are collaborations. Working with artists has pushed him to find new sounds and ideas. Its a learning and always teaches him something new and pushes him outside of his comfort zone.

Le Youth has been producing some of the best music in the melodic house world. I’m excited to see what this brand-new series has in store for us. If you’re a fan of Lane 8, this might remind you of Lane 8’s Cross-Pollination series.

Give ‘every-little-part’ a listen and let us know what you think of this brilliant new release. Stay tuned to EDMTunes for all your dance music updates.”