Green Velvet & Marco Lys feat. Walter Phillips – Kiss From A Rose

Green Velvet & Marco Lys team up for a brand new release on Armada Music‘s label, titled ‘Kiss From A Rose‘ and featuring Walter Phillips. As a matter of fact, Interpolating Seal’s global hit of the same name into a groovy, percussion-heavy, conga-rich production, ‘Kiss From a Rose’ has “crowd favourite” written all over it.

Showcasing their distinct dance floor flavor, Marco Lys and Green Velvet underline their status as bona fide staple acts in House music. Lys has established himself as a true luminary in the Electronic music scene. His unique style blends various genres, seamlessly fusing House, Techno, and Tribal influences into a captivating sonic experience that ignites dancefloors worldwide, which you can clearly feel in ‘Kiss from a Rose’.

As for Green Velvet, change has been a constant theme throughout his career, but as he has crossed genres, explored themes from the comedic to the serious and changed monikers, the common thread running through the music he has made for nearly two decades is its roots in and dedication to the Chicago House sound. Obviously, this dedication can be heard in this new release.

You can listen to ‘Kiss From A Rose’ from Green Velvet and Marco Lys (featuring Walter Phillips) below and on all available streaming platforms.