Balenciaga Is Now Selling A €3,500 Couture Festival Wristband

You know those dirty, ragged wristbands we all bring home after trekking miles through heat, dirt, and mud after a multi-day camping festival? Every porta potty visit, every wave of dust kicked up by shufflers, every spilled drop of rain or Beatbox is forever etched on those beloved wristbands. They serve as a grimy memento of the blood, sweat, and tears we ravers put into every festival experience. Well apparently these wristbands have become so sought after, that Balenciaga is now selling a mock “Raver Bracelet” for €3,500.

That’s right, our well-used and well-loved festival wristbands are now a “couture” accessory designers are capitalizing on. Balenciaga’s Raver Bracelet debuted during their Autumn/Winter 2024-25 haute couture collection showcase in Paris last week (July 1). Hand-embroidered and held together with a sterling silver 925 clasp, the bracelet is intentionally distressed to mimic a used festival wristband.

The Raver Bracelet is available in pink, black, and blue polyester. According to the Balenciaga’s creative director Demn, wearing “this distressed version” requires “the skills of an artist to imbue it with a worn and aged look.” The fashion house adds that the manufacturing process requires “a full day’s work for each piece.” Each piece is handmade using various artisanal techniques, making it “unique and intricate,” which is why interested buyers must make a private appointment to purchase.

The new accessory is currently available by appointment only for €3,500, with a second style option featuring metallic thread priced at €4,500. Your average festival wristband ranges anywhere from €300-€3,000 these days, depending on the event and the desired experience tier (GA, GA+, VIP, etc.). Balenciaga’s mock wristband tops any festival entry fee currently available. You could attend EDC Las Vegas as a VIP guest three times before hitting Balenciaga’s price point.

If you want the real thing (and to save a bit of money), you have to put in the work like the rest of us ravers. Otherwise, here’s the link to book your appointment for the Balenciaga knockoff!