“I Miss Him Every Minute”: Avicii’s Father Opens Up About Tim’s Passing

Time and time again we’re shown how timeless Tim’s legacy truly is.

Recently, the internet saw another clip in which time held its breath: Avicii, the legendary Swedish producer, playing at, what would become, one of the limited gigs he’d play along his tragically short life. The ten-minute clip features his set at the Tallriken in Malmo, dated August 2016, and shows him performing four tracks: ‘Without You’, ‘Hey Brother’, ‘Shame On Me’, and ‘You Make Me’. The footage, initially an Avicii Experience tribute museum exclusive, has now been made accessible to a wider audience.

Prior to his passing in April 2018, Tim was an icon of Dance music, learning to innovate through thick and thin. “Innovating” is a word that is so cheesily used these days, but trust me, Avicii was miles ahead of the curve, even receiving backlash on his most successful ‘Wake Me Up’ for a never-before-seen blend of Country and Dance music. That same song, along with other four of his discography, have now scored more than a billion streams on Spotify alone.

Klas Bergling

A BBC interview was directed towards Avicii’s father, Klas Bergling, in which he opened up about the times and events surrounding his son’s death. “I miss him every minute“, he says. “I talk to him every day. But, I admit, I get angry at him sometimes. Why did you do it? Why did you leave us?“. The interview shows Klas like never before, revealing memories and moments from Tim’s story that often happened outside the fire-filled stages and joyful social media posts.

Avicii’s father talks about his point of view whenever Tim went touring, how substances sometimes became his son’s escape to the trying times he was going through in between shows, and, ultimately, reflects on events following his decease, such as the release of Avicii’s posthumous album, Tim, and a concert held in his memory, among others.

Read the full interview right here. We miss you, Tim.