Tunes Of The Month – Hottest Tracks Of May 2024

Well that was a good month was it. May brought the heat to the dancefloor, and from all corners of the world, and all genres alike. The month of the year home to one of the largest gatherings worldwide — EDC Las Vegas — made sure to shout out loud, and we listened.

For all that new music shaping the Dance scene and which we had the pleasure to encounter, we’ve decided to make a little recap highlighting those tunes we can’t get out of our heads. So please sit back, put on your best set of headphones, and read on, as we unveil our top tracks of the month of May 2024.

5. The Chemical Brothers — Hey Boy Hey Girl (ARTBAT Remix)

Genre(s): Melodic Techno
Release Date: May 24th, 2024
Mood(s): Groovy, Hands-up

May surprised us with the revival of a classic. Out on the legendary Positiva imprint, Artur and Batish — ARTBAT revamped the timeless The Chemical Brothers hit ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl‘ to suit the boomy needs of today’s dancefloors. Their take retains the original’s buzzy synth texture and tension but with extra synths layered in that spray about the mix over the rolling drums. We bet it’s grown to become the weakness of all crowds. Here we go!

4. Ray Volpe — SONG REQUEST

Genre(s): Bass House
Release Date: May 31st, 2024
Mood(s): Tense, Energetic

Every once in a while, we get hypnotised by a melody that we just can’t get out fo our heads. Such is the case of Ray Volpe‘s latest floor igniter, ‘SONG REQUEST. This one goes one step further in the scale of singalongs, literally playing with the idea for its drops. Building up the tension continuously, the melody comes in the form of a conversation between a clubgoer and a DJ, one whose main point is a song request that goes “Baaa daa daaa“.

3. Skrillex, Hamdi & Taichu — Push

Genre(s): Deep Dubstep / Grime
Release Date: May 24th, 2024
Mood(s): Energetic, Experimental

We would have lost our minds if we didn’t consider Sonny’s latest worthy of a third place. How does he do it?! From a broken pair of speakers which took him sky-high nearly 15 years ago to STILL being a trailblazer and opening doors for new fusions and genres, Skrillex is frankly unstoppable. He’s currently enjoying the high of having released this banger alongside club music pioneer Hamdi and electrifying Argentinian vocalist Taichu. Here’s ‘Push‘.

2. John Summit & HAYLA – Shiver (Cassian Remix)

Genre(s): Melodic Techno
Release Date: May 24th, 2024
Mood(s): Epic, Happy

What could become the remix of the year, for all we know. The highly anticipated Cassian remix of John Summit and HAYLA‘s hit ‘Shiver’ saw the light of day during May, yet we had been listening to it for a long while prior to that. Summit himself had been spinning it in his sets, as it brings a fresh and punchy, masterful Melodic Techno spin on the original. Do you prefer it over the original? It’s jaw-dropping enough to take the silver in our top.

Honourable Mentions

As every month, there was a ton of new material which, even though didn’t make the cut into our list, shouldn’t be overlooked. This month, songs such as Anyma & Layton Giordani’s splendid remix of Loofy’s ‘Last Night’, Disclosure’s incredible return track ‘She’s Gone, Dance On’, and Armin van Buuren’s ‘High on Love’ featuring Anne Gudrun, were all super tough to leave out of the top. They did so just by a hair, though.

1. John Summit & Sub Focus feat. Julia Church – Go Back

Genre(s): Tech House, Drum & Bass
Release Date: May 16th, 2024
Mood(s): Energetic, Happy

We had to give the crown to the man himself this month. He who has made headlines for real estate, being featured in Forbes, and, of course, the way in which he pioneered an entire new wave of Tech House — and keeps doing so —, broke yet another barrier halfway through May: he ventured onto Drum & Bass. Go Back’ blends his talent in music production with that of powerful DnB act Sub Focus, plus the spot-on vocals of Julia Church.

Final Words

What are your top tunes from last month? Which artists are you most excited about for April? Did we miss any tracks? We’re eagerly waiting for what’s to come these next couple of days. Be sure to follow our page to stay up to date on the latest news and views regarding EDM!