The Day Trip Festival Just Nailed Its Fourth SoCal Edition At The Queen Mary Waterfront

The 2024 edition of Day Trip Festival at Queen Mary Waterfront in Southern California was the perfect start of the summer season, full of unforgettable performances, cutting-edge stage productions, and new venue enhancements. From local LA talent to global electronic music powerhouses, the lineup boasted an impressive array of artists left attendees in awe. With mind-melting performances from the likes of Kaskade, Boys Noize, Mau P, Patrick Topping, and more, this year’s festival was a true celebration of sunny weather, music and creativity.

One of the standout moments of the festival was the surprise back-to-back set by Cloonee and Green Velvet on Saturday night. The collaboration between these two talented artists was intense and rare, leaving fans buzzing with excitement. As the music vibrated through the venue, it was clear that Day Trip 2024 was shaping up to be another Insomniac event to remember.

But the excitement didn’t stop there. The festival organizers had also implemented a number of new venue enhancements to make the experience even better for attendees. With cutting-edge stage production, increased shade structures, and more restroom facilities, Day Trip 2024 was set to be the biggest and best edition yet.

Performances to Remember

Saylor Nedelman for Insomniac.

One of the standout moments of Day Trip 2024 was the performance by Amsterdam superstar DJ Mau P, fresh off his viral, weekend closing set at Insomniac’s Camp EDC on Sunday. The energy he brought to the stage was infectious, with the crowd hanging on to every beat and melody. And let’s not forget about genre-bending visionary Patrick Topping on Saturday, who took the audience on a musical journey unlike any other.

Boys Noize, the techno-punk boy, pushed the boundaries of electronic music with his high-energy set, blending hard-hitting beats with experimental sounds that kept the audience on their feet.

One of the standout moments of the festival was the surprise back-to-back set by Cloonee and Green Velvet. This unexpected collaboration took the energy to new heights, with the two artists seamlessly blending their sounds and delivering a performance that left fans in awe. The chemistry between the two artists was palpable, and the crowd was left buzzing long after the set ended.

Enhanced Venue Experience

Jamal Eid for Insomniac

Aside from the incredible music, Day Trip 2024 also focused on enhancing the overall festival experience for attendees. With new cutting-edge stage production, the festival brought some of the biggest and most visually stunning stage designs to date. The combination of music and visuals created a sensory overload that left fans in a state of euphoria.

In addition to the stage production, Day Trip also increased the number of shade structures throughout the festival grounds. With the Southern California sun beating down, these shaded areas provided much-needed respite for attendees looking to cool off and recharge before diving back into the music.

And let’s not forget about the 25% increase in restroom facilities. Long lines for bathrooms are a common gripe at music festivals, but Day Trip made sure to address this issue by providing more facilities for attendees. This small but significant improvement made a big difference in the overall comfort and convenience of festival-goers.

Jess Gallo for Insomniac