It’s Officially Summer 2024 With Lane 8’s Mixtape Arrival

It’s that time again for Lane 8’s highly anticipated mixtapes, and out today is his Summer 2024 Mixtape. This highly anticipated release is a rare treat, perfectly timed to align with the current season change. Get ready for the magical vibes of the upcoming summer solstice with an exciting three-hour mixtape.

Summer 2024 Mixtape

ID 1

Spanning over a beautiful 3-hour playtime containing 48 tracks and 16 unreleased IDs. Obviously I need a whole subheading for ID 1 – showcases my excitement. Do you recognize the first ID, from any of the Maestro Lane 8’s live performances this year? It goes, “Wake up where you are!” I first heard this track at his Igloofest set in Montreal. If you happened to be at the San Diego Summer Gatherings you’d have heard Daniel throw this in his set as well. This ID has the tell signs of a perfect new collaboration with our beloved Kasablanca boys. Part of Kasablanca’s rumored album, or will it finally be included in Lane 8’s next album?

Fans eagerly await a new album since Brightest Lights is four and a half years old. It’s long overdue! Daniel has been relatively quiet this year, focusing on his Summer Gatherings show and various festivals. One can’t help but hope that his silence means he’s been crafting some truly spectacular music for us in the studio. A sneak peak below of ID 1 from Igloofest for all my lovely readers!

All Other IDs + Tracks

The mixtape features tracks from TNH artists such as EMBRZ, Rinzen, Paradoks, OCULA, Paris, and Otherwish. There are also a couple of unreleased remixes, including Sultan & Shepard’s ‘All I Know’ from their remixed album Endless Dawn. An unreleased remix of Bon Iver’s 22 (OVER S∞∞N)’ by OLING really impressed me. There are 16 amazing new IDs. I particularly noticed OCULA’s presence in ID 4 and 6. And of course, how can Daniel forget to include Massane’s upcoming EP? Listen to ID 9, 10, and 13 – they could be part of his upcoming Visage 7 series! I can’t seem to figure out the mystery behind ID 16, so if anyone does, please let me know as I can’t stop hitting the replay button on that track. The mix also features new tunes from Simon Doty, My Friend, Stella Bossi, Nox Vahn, Tinlicker, Christian Löffler, and many others.

It’s already noon here in Toronto, and I’ve already enjoyed this mixtape twice. This Summer 2024 mixtape is all set to be the soundtrack for the next few months. Be sure to stream it on your favorite platform and share how much you love it. Stay tuned to EDMTunes for all your dance music updates!