Space 92 – Polaris EP

Space 92 has a new EP out on Filth on Acid titled Polaris and features two transformative tracks. Those being the title track ‘Polaris‘ and ‘The Last Voyager‘. Thrill yourselves with deep techno and acid-infused beats for an interstellar auditory and dancing experience. This new EP showcases his inventive and unique productions, which join his other releases on the label including ‘Gravity‘, ‘The Door‘, and ‘Atlas‘.

‘Polaris’ throbs with rhythm and intense build-ups, perfect for a rave anthem recipe. It exudes euphoric anticipation and a powerful pace, making it impossible not to control your every move. ‘The Last Voyager’ slithers with darker acidic sounds, coupled with whirling percussion and trippy stabs. These tracks exemplify the Frenchman’s blend of trancey techno, distorted percussion, a touch of acid, all infused with underlying sensitivity and nostalgia. Moreover, they make a great addition to Zonneveld’s label family. since the label focuses on acid techno, there is no shortage of distinct squelchy sounds here.

Mathieu Mourareau began composing and producing early on in life and debuted as a techno artist in 2019. He’s quickly risen to one of techno’s most anticipated acts. His inspiration comes from his passion for vintage 80s sci-fi. Additionally, his name speaks for itself. What’s more, his rise in ranks comes from his dedication to crafting tracks with immense power and energy to fuel the crowd. With relentless momentum, he continues to release chart-topping hits that resonate widely within the techno community and beyond. Lastly, this latest EP showcases yet again Space 92’s knack for crafting distinctive and unique productions, as he explores fresh inspirations and reaches new heights in his artistic journey.

Listen to Polaris below to find out.

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