Seven Lions ft. Hilda – Easy Lover

Seven Lions is back and opens up your weekend with a scintillating new single titled ‘Easy Lover‘ featuring Hilda. The release is out via Casablanca Records.

The track is looped with an ethereal synth tapping into some uplifting trancescapes. Hilda’s vocals lend an amazing performance that keep the momentum and tempo going. You’ll feel happy and bright while listening to this track. This track illuminates his diversity in sound and maintains his status as an icon in the electronic dance music scene. It’s pure alchemy – the powerful melody and arpeggiating synth work. Seven Lions always captivates his audiences with atmosphere and this song furthers that notion.

We’ve seen collaborations with Said the Sky and Hailene for ‘Rush Over Me’. He worked with Illenium on ‘Not Even Love’ and even sold out the SoFi stadium for a historic show. With his own record label, Ophelia Records, a vast discography, and appearances on numerous lineups around the world, Seven Lions is here to stay.

The multi-faceted artist, producer, DJ, and sensation, Jeff Montalvo, continues to expand beyond boundaries and innovate the music space. Greatest feel-good tracks like ‘Strangers’ and ‘Need Your Love’ bring us love and warmth. While ‘After Dark’ gets the blood pumping and muscles grooving. This single follows the release of his last album in 2022! Beyond the Veil entered the stratosphere with tracks featuring So Below, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, and Lights.

I cannot wait to catch him at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado this September 27th, playing this track as well. Until then, listen to ‘Easy Lover’ below.

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