Pete K, Paul Arcane And Amy J Pryce Join Forces For ‘Hold Me’

Three titans just released a Progressive Trance gemstone.

We’ve got huge news over on the Trancier side of the Dance spectrum today! A collaboration of gigantic size hits the stores, as veterans Pete K and Paul Arcane have come together to unleash ‘Hold Me‘, a project in the works for a long while. The single has come out today on Armin van Buuren’s mythical imprint, A State Of Trance.

Pete K

Hailing from Portugal but currently residing in the City of Lights, Pete K has carved out a strong reputation in the Dance scene for years. His tracks have found homes on esteemed labels like Axtone, Release Records, and Zerothree, among others. Pete’s sonic palette leans towards Progressive House, but also ventures into other realms like Trance, Techno, and House.

Paul Arcane

Taking the Trance scene by storm, Paul Arcane’s infectious melodies and tireless work ethic have built a global fanbase over his years as a producer. Elliptical Sun, Enhanced, and even Anjunabeats have received Arcane’s works, solidifying his spot. For the Trance community, he’s already a star, after a meteoric rise and solid stay atop.

Amy J Pryce

A rising star based in London, Amy J Pryce has been making a name for herself on the DnB and Trance corners of the vast Dance world over the past few years. Her most remarkable work to date is her part on Oliver Smith’s Anjunabeats release from 2018, ‘Lovingly’, played all over the world and famously supported by label heads Above & Beyond.

(Left to right) Paul Arcane, Amy J Pryce, Pete K.

‘Hold Me’

In a fusion of sorts that sees Pete’s groove and Paul’s hypnotic nature, ‘Hold Me’ comes to be a sort of Deep Trance / Progressive Trance hybrid, with a full, boomy low end, and textures that invite you to close your eyes and let the music carry you away. Enjoy classical arpeggios, optimal tension and release games, and Amy’s voice being the final piece to the puzzle.

Regarding the creation of the single, the artists had a chat with us and told us their views on the project. Paul recalls, “Almost 3 years in the works, Pete K and I started ‘Hold Me’ in late 2021. I always wanted to collab with him, as I’m a huge fan of his tracks (his ‘Traveller’ is probably my favorite, and actually a big inspiration for this track). Originally the track name was going to be a French word – because we found out that we both spoke French! But then Pete suggested adding a vocalist, so Amy came into the project and it was a perfect fit! We went through a few more revisions and then the song came to life“.

Likewise, Pete says he had a similar view of Paul: “I love the kind of emotion he puts in his tracks and it’s something I always try to do in my music too. So it just felt like the perfect fit to create something together. Amy then joined the track with her amazing voice and turned something good into something great!

Lastly, Amy told us, “It’s been a pleasure working with Pete and Paul, both huge talents in their scene, and it shows in this music. I’m so happy with how the track has turned out. I wanted it to feel like walking into a festival on a beach, at sunset, on a hot night. Exciting, heady, full of possibility. We live so fast and busy these days, but working on this track I was thinking about having nothing to do but dance the night away, be present and be in the moment“.

Listen to Pete K, Paul Arcane, and Amy J Pryce‘s ‘Hold Me‘ down below for your Spotify play. Also, click here to support the release on your platform of choice. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views from our beloved Dance music world.