ODESZA Returned to New York for 3 Sold-Out Shows at Madison Square Garden

One of the most prolific and unforgettable experiences in dance music without a doubt belongs to ODESZA. The duo have made a name for themselves with their euphoric music along with their incredible live show presentation. This past weekend, ODESZA arrived in NYC to perform 3 B2B sold out shows at the iconic Madison Square Garden as part of their The Last Goodbye Finale Tour.

The opening acts for the 3 New York shows was dependent on the night you attended but it included the likes of talented electronic producers such as Bob Moses and Ben Bohmer. It’s obvious that the artists selected for support were very strategically chosen to compliment ODESZA’s grand performance experience. Bob Moses presented a live show performance with instruments while Ben Bohmer played out all of his biggest hits.

When it came time for the main event, ODESZA’s mesmerizing drumline marched out to the stage and the duo of ODESZA climbed the podium and emerged at their decks. The pyrotechnics and fireworks during the show for their shows are always next level. They brought out a handful of surprise guests to sing their biggest hits. Their drumline in particular is mesmerizing with how in sync they are, leaving me in awe each and every time that they would take the stage. There isn’t a better group in the industry that is able to incorporate live band to such a high level. To make this show extra special, ODESZA put together a handful of VIP Remixes that they played out including their hits ‘Say My Name’ and ‘Forgive Me’. When they closed off with the ‘The Last Goodbye’, the energy in the garden was ecstatic. Myself and those around me were brimming with euphoria, unwilling to say goodbye to the act, and can only long for the next time that we would be able to see them perform once again.

This weekend they’ll be taking their show to Boulder, Colorado before heading over to the final stop on their tour at The Gorge in Washington. Whether these stops are in your city or not, if you haven’t seen them yet on this tour, make sure to make effort to head out to one of their final shows on this tour.