NYC Passes Legislation to Remove Antiquated Nightlife Restrictions

Good news! NYC City Council has just approved new legislation to support its nightlife sector as part of Mayor Eric Adams’ ‘City of Yes’ plan to change the zoning rules of New York which was established in the city many decades ago. The ‘City of Yes for Economic Opportunity’ is made from 18 proposals and is cited for removing “outdated limitations” on businesses including the nightlife sector.

In 1926 the Cabaret Law was introduced which banned dancing comedy, and open mic nights in restaurants and venues in commercial zoning areas as well as to those without one of its hard-to-obtain licenses. And despite the law being repealed in 2017, the ’60s era Zoning laws still prohibited dancing and other actives in over 80% of NYC venues. This new legislation passed on June 6 has overused both the Cabaret Law and the zoning rules of the ’60s therefore allowing the nightlife industry to grow beyond its previous restrictions.

This new legislation finally removes these outdated zoning limitations. This means bars, clubs, and restaurants across the city can now allow dancing without fear of fines, paving the way for a more dynamic nightlife experience.